Car-Hauling Trailer

Retrieve Your Vehicle or Transport Your Equipment Safely

Retrieve Your Vehicle or Transport Your Equipment Safely

Offering car-hauling trailer rentals for an affordable price in Roscoe, Snyder & Sweetwater, TX

Stranded on the side of the road in Roscoe, Snyder & Sweetwater, TX? Need to take your car to the auto shop? If you need a car-hauling trailer rental, reach out to Roscoe Trailer Rentals, LLC. Our trailer has traveled over 400 miles before to pick up a Jeep with no problems. Get a trailer that's up to the task of hauling your vehicle safely.

Next time you need a car-hauling trailer, call 325-510-3304 ASAP.

Have questions about our rentals? We have answers.

Before you rent a trailer, there's some critical information that you need to know. Check out the answers to these commonly asked questions:

  • How big is the trailer? Our car-hauling trailer has 16 feet of deck space with a 2-foot dovetail.
  • Which cars can be hauled? Small cars, trucks and SUVs up to 5,100 lbs. can be transported. We can also haul small equipment like small tractors and lawnmowers.
  • Can the car be secured? We offer load securement straps to tie down the car for an additional fee.

If you still have questions about our car-hauling trailer rentals, contact our team ASAP.